The home of TUFFGARD, the Australian safety helmet. The people behind SSA and this great safety product have many years experience in the Australian safety industry – and are proud to have designed, manufactured and launched this Australian made and owned product.
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Sureguard Safety are now members of the Australian Made Club

It is with great pride that the Aussie Owned company Sureguard Safety Australia has been approved by the Australian Made Club to be an official licencee to carry the Australian Made and Owned symbol. Sureguard Safety Australia are now the only Australian manufacturer of safety hard hats that are 100% Australian Owned and Made Sureguard

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Launch of Sureguard’s colourful trendy ratchet headgear

Sureguard Safety Australia have now launched our new Ratchet harness range. Ratchet harness is available in our Clearview range of helmets with a trendy colour co-ordinated ratchet wheel the same colour as the helmet. Also available in our standard Tuffgard range of vented and non-vented solid colours, with a black ratchet wheel. Replacement harnesses are

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Sureguard Safety Australia  would like to announce our move into much larger brand new and more efficient premises.  There was a need for us to expand into these premises due to growth and expansion of our business both locally and now that we are exporting overseas.  We look forward to being able to service our

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Sureguard Safety Australia, in conjunction with BASF and Martogg & Company, have developed a translucent hard hat

Sureguard Safety Australia, in conjunction with BASF and Martogg & Company, have developed a translucent hard hat which is patented and sold globally.  The idea behind the development of the translucent helmet was safety.  In saying safety, it allows the wearer to be able to see through the peak of the helmet and have peripheral vision on both sides.  The helmet has AS/NZS 1801 , EN397 and  ANSI Z89.1 Certifications.  It is UV 400 stabilised so that when worn outdoors, the wearer does not get sunburnt.  It is manufactured from a high grade polycarbonate. It is manufactured in both vented and non vented styles and can be adapted to mining cap configuration with lamp bracket and lead strap.  It is also available with either ratchet or pinlock harness adjustments.  Clearview is available in a wide range of colours.  It has wide and varied applications from construction, mining, stevedoring, just to name a few.  We have recently developed two new exciting colours – fluro yellow and fluro orange which have a light reflective additive to the material.  These also have unique varied applications, ie dimly light situations for example night road work sites and mining.